Shopware 6 Zertifiziert


Shopware is our preferred e-commerce software for the implementation of online stores. For this reason we have been a Shopware partner for several years. As an expert with years of experience from a variety of projects, we know the webshop software inside and out. We mostly work for medium-sized companies and accompany them in the entry or further development of e-commerce activities. Nationally and internationally. In B2C as well as B2B. In any case with heart and soul and personal support.

Why Shopware?

The software is suitable for a wide range of applications. The store system can be used in the B2C area (end customers) as well as in the B2B area (corporate customers). In addition, the convincing technological basis, the solid company from Schöppingen and the permanent development of the software speak for the e-commerce system.

Shopware is also the ideal system to enter markets quickly. On the one hand the “basic equipment” is excellent. So the provided layout can be quickly adapted to the corporate design of companies. An optimized display on different devices (desktop, tablet, smartphone) is a matter of course. In addition, the integrated functions cover all essential areas of an online store. In the demo store you can get an idea of the possibilities of the e-commerce system. On the other hand, many individual requirements can be implemented “out-of-the-box” with so-called plugins.

Shopware plugins

For projects of any kind, the store offers a variety of ready-to-use solutions and extensions. This has the advantage that not every requirement for an online store has to be developed from scratch. Thus you save your budget and save time in the project. Nevertheless, before using a plugin for our customers, we check if a plugin makes sense. Or whether a new development is not nevertheless the better alternative. Because in particular the quality of the plugins offered is quite unsteady. For this reason we look also “behind the front” and analyze the implementation. Additionally we can judge the quality of the appropriate plugin suppliers from our experience very well. Because fast support and a secured further development with regular updates are a basic requirement for us.

Shopware editions

The e-commerce system is offered in 3 different editions with different license models:

  • Starter Edition: is hosted by the provider Amazon AWS and runs completely in the cloud. The billing is based on a revenue share and, depending on the functions, on a monthly basic fee.
  • Community Edition: The license-free edition without support from the manufacturer.
  • Professional Edition: The entry-level solution with manufacturer support. In addition to the Community Edition, the Professional Edition offers storytelling, convenient banner management (digital publishing) and the integrated ERP system Pickware.
  • Enterprise Edition: The enterprise solution that is particularly suitable for multiple store installations (clients) or for B2B requirements.

Basically all editions are open source software and not encrypted. Therefore the source code of the e-commerce software is freely accessible.

The provider replaced this licensing model with the new plans in 2022.

Shopware Plans

Under the new licensing model, Shopware offers 3 plans, which include manufacturer support as well as numerous functionalities:

  • Rise: This plan includes basic support as well as some features that make it easier to manage the store, such as a preview feature in the Flow Builder and Rule Builder or the AI Copilot. In addition, some extensions are available, for example, to allow customers to customize products or to manage returns in the administration.
  • Evolve: In addition to all the features of the Rise plan and faster support, this plan includes a lot of B2B functionalities. In addition, the plan offers some advanced content management features, such as the ability to display certain content only under certain conditions. Or preparing changes and saving them as a draft instead of publishing them directly.
  • Beyond: the most comprehensive plan includes 24/7 support in addition to all the features of the Rise and Evolve plans. There are also some very advanced features, such as custom pricing, subscriptions, or managing multiple warehouses.

The store system is still available both in the license-free Community Edition and in the commercial plans as open source software and is therefore freely accessible.

We at scope01 will be happy to advise you on which plan is best suited to your requirements and project.

scope01 is Shopware solution partner

Shopware Solution Partner

scope01 from Frankfurt am Main is Shopware solution partner. Because we offer our customers customized solutions. We tailor these solutions exactly to the respective requirements. Furthermore, we are in close contact and exchange with the manufacturer.

As a full-service internet agency we offer all services around online stores with Shopware:

  • Conception of online stores and e-commerce platforms
  • Design and usability
  • Implementation and customization of frontend and backend
  • Programming of plugins
  • Development and integration of interfaces
  • Training for editors, administrators and developers
  • Coaching of internal resources (project management and development)Maintenance and support during operation
  • Further development
  • Search engine optimization and online marketing

In addition, we offer our own solutions as plugins in the store of Shopware in 2020.

scope01 is Global Newcomer Partner 2019

Newcomer Partner of the Year 2019

As part of the Shopware Community Day 2019, scope01 was awarded Global Newcomer Partner 2019.

Shopware expert for PIM, DAM and CMS with Pimcore


In the e-commerce software environment, scope01 is the expert and preferred contact for Pimcore. With the data management software from Austria you can professionally manage product data (PIM), media data (DAM) and content (CMS) in Pimcore. Our interfaces ensure a seamless integration into shopware. We offer these in the store as plugin for purchase.


Our employees are certified in the e-commerce software. So we have completed all four certifications of version 5. Additionally, we are one of the first partners to be certified for the new version 6. The certifications take place either as 1-2 day classroom training in Schöppingen or as online training. All certifications end with a test by the manufacturer.

Version 6

Shopware 6 Certified Developer

Shopware 6 Certified Developer

Shopware 6 Certified Template Designer

Shopware 6 Certified Template Designer

Version 5

Shopware 5 Certified Developer

Certified Developer

Shopware 5 Certified Developer Advanced

Certified Developer Advanced

Shopware 5 Certified Template Developer

Certified Template Developer

Shopware 5 Template Designer

Certified Template Designer

Shopware News

Internationalization Shopware

Internationalization with Shopware

As a Gold Partner, we have driven internationalization with Shopware in the form of international e-commerce projects in several projects.