Pimcore - data management for PIM, CMS, DAM & MDM

Pimcore is our preferred software for data management. We focus on the following areas:

  • Product data management (PIM)
  • Content, especially content for websites (CMS)
  • Media data such as images, videos, documents (DAM)
  • Master data management (MDM)

The software allows your company to centrally control data in one interface. Thus different channels can be supplied with the relevant data. Furthermore, business processes can be displayed and automated in the enterprise software. For example, the different processes from the creation to the release and control of data.

Why Pimcore?

Pimcore is an open source software, which is suitable for a wide variety of applications. So your product data can be displayed quickly and easily in the system. The graphical data modelling provides a helpful introduction. The user rights system and the configuration of views and masks allow an exact fit to the needs of your employees. In addition, the openness of the system with the REST interface allows a smooth communication with other systems in your company. For example with your ERP system as data supplier of master data. Or with the output channels like your online store or a catalog. Apart from that, the system is based on a future-proof technological foundation with PHP and the Symfony framework. More than 80,000 companies already use the open source software. Thus the software has a very wide distribution. In Germany, the system is becoming increasingly popular. Internationally, the level of awareness is already significantly higher. The company also has a large partner network in a number of countries.

Interaction with Shopware

scope01 recognized the potential of the two systems at an early stage. Therefore we have specialized in the combination of Pimcore and Shopware. For this purpose we have developed 3 different interfaces for data exchange:

  • Product data from Pimcore as the leading system for products in an online store based on Shopware
  • Seamless integration of media data into the e-commerce platform, especially images and PDF documents
  • Control of additional content in the online store

We have been offering these 3 interfaces in the Shopware Store for almost 2 years. Thus the strengths of both systems are shown to their best advantage: Pimcore as the optimal software for the administration of data and Shopware as a comprehensive e-commerce system.


The software is offered in both a free Community Edition and a paid Enterprise Edition. Both versions are open source software and unencrypted. We will be happy to advise you on which edition best suits your requirements.

scope01 is Pimcore Silver Partner

scope01 from Frankfurt am Main is Pimcore Silver Partner. Because as a partner we offer our customers customized solutions. We adapt these solutions exactly to the respective requirements. Furthermore we are in close contact and exchange with the manufacturer.

As a full-service internet agency we offer all services around the software. Additionally we offer our own solutions as plugins in the marketplace of Pimcore and in the store of Shopware.

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