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Leica Camera AG is an internationally active premium manufacturer of cameras and sports optics products. The passion for unique images, the best optics and excellent quality are the basis of the company’s legendary reputation.

Since 2017, Leica has also been offering its products on an e-commerce platform. For this purpose, an online store based on Shopware was implemented at the beginning. Interested parties and customers can find out about the products and order them directly. Both centrally and at the local dealer. This is because the Leica Stores in Germany are connected to the online store via a Click & Collect extension.

In addition to cameras, sports optics, accessories and accessories, Leica also offers workshops for photographers in the store as part of the Leica Academy. Customers can also book these courses directly online. Afterwards, they will receive all the necessary information and documents.

The internet agency scope01 is partner of Leica for the e-commerce platforms. Permanent monitoring, update & support ensure smooth operation of the online store. Interfaces, for example to the ERP system, integrate the online store seamlessly into Leica’s existing system landscape and are a prerequisite for a continuous data flow. In addition, all product data and media for the e-commerce platforms are kept and maintained in Pimcore. For this purpose, scope01’s Pimcore / Shopware interfaces are used.

Together with Leica Camera AG, scope01 works on the continuous further development of the e-commerce platform, the master data management and the interfaces to third-party systems.