Claytec - Building with clay

Claytec - market leader for clay building materials

Claytec is the specialist for clay. The family-owned company from Viersen produces and sells clay building materials through the building materials trade and the crafts. The founder of Claytec, Peter Breidenbach, was one of the first to deal professionally with clay in the early 1980s. And developed the company into the market leader for the innovative building material in just a few years.

An impressive number of references show what is possible with clay as a building material. Projects such as the Kolumba Museum in Cologne, a wellness center in Seoul and a large number of private houses show how universal, but also unique, design with clay can be. This high design quality is also reflected in Claytec’s website, which has been managed by scope01 since mid-2019.

Claytec had just completed the elaborate relaunch of the website with another internet agency, but was not satisfied with the status. Therefore, Claytec asked scope01, the internet agency from Frankfurt am Main, to optimize and further develop the site.

Website optimizations

After fixing some functional deficits, the navigation was moved from the right to the left side of the website in a major release in March 2020. This has significantly improved mobile usability. In addition, the user experience and the usability of the website are significantly increased. Our partner Felix Weihnacht from the agency hanfweihnacht is responsible for the layout optimizations.

In addition, scope01 increased the performance of the website and implemented some search engine optimization measures for the site. Both technically and in terms of content. This included, for example, the adjustment of the headline structure, the avoidance of duplicate content and the reduction of file sizes. The open source content management system Pimcore is the basis for managing the pages and the content.

The general goal is not only to present the company and its innovative products. But in particular to guide the different target groups of the website such as private builders, architects, building material dealers and craftsmen optimally through the site. The website will also be further developed in the future. Thus, a variety of topics are on the agenda to increase its attractiveness.

Before / after view of Claytec home page (header)

Website of Claytec before relaunch
The navigation of the website was originally on the right side. Together it was decided to move the navigation to the left side. In order to meet the habits and expectations of the visitors. And to ensure optimal usability on different devices and resolutions at all times. In addition, scope01 implemented a variety of optimizations for the customer:
  • Classic banners with right/left arrows and an automatic pass-through.
  • Meaningful headlines on the images
  • Marking of special links on the images to products or references with meaningful CTA (Call-to-Action) elements.
  • Display of initial content without the visitor having to scroll.
Website of Claytec after relaunch

"It's always a particularly big challenge to optimize existing sites without shutting down ongoing operations - in other words, work on the open heart, so to speak. Working together in an agile and competent team is the be-all and end-all."

Felix Weihnacht
Art Director