Interfaces for Shopware & Pimcore

Interfaces are required so that systems can communicate with each other. scope01 specializes in the development of interfaces. These can be a CRM system, an ERP system (enterprise resource planning) or other company-owned systems that we connect to online software. We have already connected systems such as Salesforce or SAP to Shopware or Pimcore. In doing so, we work closely with the experts for the systems to be connected. Both internally at the customer and externally with other service providers. An exception are interfaces between the Shopware e-commerce system and the Pimcore data management system. Because scope01 is “at home” in both systems. Thus, we also offer standard solutions. These are characterized by a defined range of functions. With the help of these solutions, product data, media data and content can be managed in Pimcore. Afterwards, these are transferred to the online store based on Shopware. Our standard solutions are in many projects the basis for the implementation of individual requirements of companies.

Communication on interfaces

Communication between systems can be very diverse. In the simplest case, these are exports and imports of data based on csv or xml files. These are stored on servers and imported into target systems on a time-controlled basis.

Alternatively, the required data is requested directly from the source systems via web services. This is usually done via REST or SOAP. Both Shopware and Pimcore have REST interfaces for communication. These are also the basis for our Shopware / Pimcore interfaces PIM, DAM and CMS.

Both interfaces are very well documented for both Shopware and Pimcore:

  • Shopware REST API
  • Pimcore REST API

Good documentation is the base for quality and time savings in implementation. In addition, many projects require competent contact persons, both in design and implementation as well as in testing.

The solutions from scope01 in the Shopware Store

PIM for Shopware

Pimcore interface PIM

CMS for Shopware

Pimcore interface CMS

DAM for Shopware

Pimcore interface DAM