Internet agency for e-commerce & data management

scope01 in Frankfurt am Main is your partner for digital projects. Our focus as an internet agency is the realization of online projects. We design, implement and ensure a smooth operation of e-commerce systems (online stores), websites with sales character as well as data management systems. These include in particular the administration of product data (PIM), media data (DAM) and content (CMS). Furthermore, we create a smooth communication between systems by developing interfaces.

We work cross-sectorally, for example in wholesale, retail trade and industry. Both for companies addressing private customers (B2C) and for those addressing business customers (B2B). With a focus on medium-sized companies. In addition, we regularly support start-ups in their e-commerce activities or companies in the context of digitalization.

On the one hand, we are a young company, because we are starting from scratch. On the other hand, our core team has been working together successfully in this constellation for many years.

How do we work?

The way we work can be described in a few words:

  • In partnership: We work together with our customers at eye level. We do not act in the classic customer-service relationship, but we use our heads and make your projects our own. That is our claim. Because only if you are successful with your online projects can we, as a service provider, profit from them and grow with you.
  • Direct: We address issues directly and get to the point. Comprehensible and clear. Without clich├ęs, buzzwords and unnecessary anglicisms.
  • Goal-oriented: Speaking of buzzwords. Long before buzzwords like MVP (Minimum Viable Product) or MLP (Minimum Loveable Product) arrived in the world of online agencies, we made it our business to break down complexity into many individual parts. With the clear goal of delivering quickly visible results.
  • Open: This also means that we do not work with a black box. Our work is transparent and comprehensible for our customers. And not only at the end of the month on the bill. But in our daily work. In addition, unlike many other agencies, we also like to work with internal resources on our clients’ side.
  • Agile: For many years we have been working with agile project management methods to successfully implement projects. On the one hand, to reduce complexity as described above. And to deliver fast results. On the other hand, to plan our work within a working week (sprint). And to give you reliable information about time and budget.

Self-description is all well and good. But much more important are the statements of our customers. When we come together, you will receive references from us in advance, which you can of course contact. Because only from 1st hand you will learn the whole truth about us.

Talk to us and we will show you our working methods and how we successfully implement projects.